10 Top Innovations of the 2010’s

Over the past ten years, there have been several innovations that have changed lives forever. Some of them you might not even remember happened in the past decade! Here are a few of our favorites:
Oculus VR

Since virtual reality has become an actual reality, the Oculus Rift capitalized on the opportunity. Try to get your hands on one of these if you can.


Though it has increasingly risen in popularity, Venmo came out early in 2010 as an easier way for college roommates to pay one another. Since then, the payment app has become the easiest way to pay someone without using cash.


Gone are the days of taxis. Uber and other ridesharing services have made getting a ride extremely easily since 2010.

Self-Driving Cars

Though we are a long ways away from perfecting the technology, advancements in driverless cars have been huge in the past decade. From Google’s Waymo, to Uber & even Teslas, the technology is getting ever closer to becoming the safest alternative to driving.


The iPad came out way back in 2010. It was the first cutting-edge tablet ever released at the time, and it’s large interface allowed it to act more like a laptop than the iPhone.


This social media app was released back in 2010. Fast forward ten years and the photo sharing platform has over 1 billion monthly active users.

Apple’s iMessage

Apple’s iMessage allowed users to send message from apple device to apple device over wifi without SMS. Now, since basically everyone has an iphone, its pretty much all we use.

Home Assistants (Amazon/Google)

A step up from Apple’s Siri, home assistants came to rise with the Amazon Alexa in 2014. Since then, the devices have become increasingly popular in the form of a technology that nearly everyone has, but nobody thought they would need.

Electric Car Charging Stations

In the early 2010’s, electric car charging stations began to become widely available for public use. Though this invention can only be used by electric car owners, it’s a huge step in the right direction for eliminating our carbon footprint.

4G Networks

Fourth generation mobile networks have been available globally for most of the past decade. These speedy internet connections on mobile devices have lead us to become more connected than ever, even while on the go.