10 Logos with Hidden Meaning

10 logos that have sneakily snuck hidden meaning, shapes, and context into their logo.
Milwaukee Brewers

From 1978-1993 the Brewer’s featured this clever logo featuring a lowercase ‘mb’ assembled to look like a baseball glove.
Baskin Robbins

Everyone knows Baskin Robbins for their 31 flavors, so they went ahead and snuck a ‘31’ into the logo in pink.

Sony Vaio

To make their laptop brand standout, Sony chose a name and a logo that evoked the collision between the analog, represented by a waveform, and the digital, represented by ‘io’ or ‘1’ and ‘0.’
Hershey’s Kisses

Taking a page out of the FedEx playbook, there’s an iconic Hershey Kiss nestled (not Nestlé-d) in between the ‘K’ and the ‘I.’

Carolina Panthers

Our local NFL team is rumored to have designed the profile of the cat head to mirror the profile of the borders of NC and SC when put together.

Your favorite triangular chocolate, that somehow tastes better when bought at a Duty-Free shop, is hiding a bear in the mountain logo.

Pittsburgh Zoo

These two large urban zoos seemed to have the same idea in playing with the negative space.
Bronx Zoo


While Toyota claims the logo represents the unification of customer’s hearts, and the heart of Toyota products, it’s important to note that the elements of the logo can create all the letters in the brand name.
Indianapolis Colts

When designing this new alternate logo, the colts designed the C to be vaguely reminiscent of the horse shoe primary logo, turned sideways, with the profile of Indiana in the negative space.