Smarter Vision Through a Better Lens

A shield is like an idea. If it’s strong enough, you’ll want to stand behind it. Our shield’s strength is built upon the intersection of brand strategy, design, and interaction. Where they meet is where we find the most powerful solutions— solutions we’re putting to work for the success of our clients and brands.

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Smarter Vision Through a Better Lens

Your Brand Is Our Brand

REVERED helps brands, businesses, and institutions — big and small— create impact with a strategic plan and expert execution.

Now it’s your turn. Let’s develop an effective marketing plan that exceeds your objectives, meets your audiences where they are, and influences them to take action.

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Kevin and his team are always willing to think through tough challenges with us…They are just what we want in a partner. Andrew Park,
Executive Director of Communications and Events
Duke University School of Law

Evidence Based Design

Our process provides a “G-U-I-D-E” to create powerful solution for marketing challenges. It’s flexible enough to fit any project and ensures that we gather the right information, incorporate your feedback, and deliver remarkable results.



In order to deliver products that are strategically targeted and stand out—we need each piece of the puzzle. We gather key information through meetings, project questionnaires, marketplace audits and more. Then we create a proposal, outline a projected time table and set expectations.


Next, we dissect your industry in order to understand your business and its competitive environment. We gather creative samples, audit other brands, and define your current position. We also hold branding workshops and invite you into the process to help uncover insights.


Creative thinking begins with a clear objective. With your help, we identify your marketing challenges and design applicable solutions for success. This may include a marketing strategy, a desired mindset, a new brand position, or a call to action.


With a sound strategy in place, we explore several creative approaches. After crafting big concepts that we believe will effectively position your brand, we present and go though a feedback-cycle. This is where your expertise helps us revise and refine the idea to make it even better.


We then oversee the production of all deliverables to make sure the final product is up to our exacting standards. It’s the reason we work with proven partner vendors we trust to deliver superior results.

Interested in seeing the great work we’ve created using our G-U-I-D-E?

Shield Events

Where should you put your stake in the ground? What is it about your business, product or campaign that will resonate with your audience? Through a collaborative workshop, REVERED will help you and your team unearth the answers to these questions and develop tools to guide your path forward.

Our strategic team will lead your key stakeholders through an engaging, creative, and productive group session where we work together to draw out key ideas that help define your business, shape your campaign, and propel your success.

Looking to get your team on the same page, and uncover valuable insights to propel your brand forward?

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Meeting Your Brand’s Needs

  • Brand Experience Planning
  • Branding + Design Platforms
  • Marketing + Strategy Plans
  • Identity Guidelines
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  • Website Design
  • UX + UI Design
  • Online Brand Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Multimedia Experiences
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  • Marketing Material Design
  • Poster + Promotional Design
  • Information + Way Finding Design
  • Trade Show Design
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  • Corporate Naming
  • Sub Brand or Product Naming
  • URL Naming
  • Corporate Logo
  • Sub Brand or Product Logo
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  • Print + Online Advertising
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Direct Mail Advertising
  • Guerrilla Marketing
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  • Product Packaging
  • User Experience Design
  • Point of Purchase Display
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