Kickstart Big Thinking with a Shield Event

Drive sales, further engagement, impact business, and influence behavior. We know these are both urgent and important – and getting it done right internally may seem impossible, due to time or resources.

We’re your unfair advantage – solving problems and generating a diverse array of ideas and strategies in a short amount of time with a “Shield Event.”


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Kickstart Big Thinking with a Shield Event

It’s a Creative Sprint

We’ll work with you to determine our goals, and learn what we need to know about your brand, your audience, and your KPI’s. Then we’ll bring the right resources of REVERED together to tackle your problem in a way that’s big, bold, and brave. Finally, we’ll come back to you with a wide variety of ideas, our thinking behind them, and a strategic plan for expert execution.

Kevin and his team are always willing to think through tough challenges with us…They are just what we want in a partner. Andrew Park,
Executive Director of Communications and Events
Duke University School of Law

A Fresh Set of Eyes for
a New Perspective

Shield Events yield spectacular ideas and results quickly, they are also incredibly cost efficient – thanks to their focus and short duration, typically 2-4 weeks. These aren’t off-the-rack solutions. They’re tailored to fit your individual needs, and will be different for every single client and every single brief.

Looking to get your team on the same page, and uncover valuable insights to propel your brand forward?