What We’ve Learned

kevin polonofsky

Push for Better

What I have learned over the past 10+ years is that a quick answer may seem profitable, but it rarely is.

I once read that good work will always lead to more work. This has always stuck with me, and to do good work you really need to push for it.

Yes, we all have our bag-of-tricks that are tried-and-true. But, there is rarely an out-of-the-bag fix for every problem. DUH… right? But I have learned that this is easier said than done. So, over the years as a creative, manager, and owner – I am always cautious of taking the easy route or falling into flawed assumptions. I have tried to instill a mindset that any challenge is an opportunity to think differently and push for better.

It’s human nature to rely on habits, find patterns, and travel the least resistant path. I’m not saying I don’t apply wisdom or have learned from past experiences, I’m just saying I have found great value in challenging the easy and/or the fast solution. When I start to really challenge my initial thoughts, concepts, and expectations, I often find that new ideas or better insights emerge.

Pushing for better solutions isn’t easy and sometimes it’s even harder to sell. But over the past decade I have tried to push REVERED in that direction. Simple is never easy and fast is not always profitable.

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