Railinc, an innovative and reliable resource for rail technology solutions, sought to define the standard and disrupt their marketplace. REVERED partnered with Railinc to provide ideas and innovation that would further their mission and showcase the company’s capabilities through strategic branding and messaging.

While the goal of innovation may seem broad, REVERED was able to distill Railinc’s needs to create a strategic path forwad with our Shift Event. Through extensive research and ideation, our findings helped redefine their marketing, purpose, and future.




Where We Started

Railinc needed a diverse amount of ideas – and fast. Not only did they need to talk to potential customers, they needed a clearly defined purpose and robust culture to attract and retain employees.

Making a Shift

Our team got to work with a Shift Event, to uncover insight an generate a multitude of marketing solutions, all with the goal of building Railinc’s brand into one synonymous with innovation and advancement in the rail industry.

What We Discovered

Through our findings, we discovered an opportunity to redefine the brand culture, communication framework, visual identity and brand experience.

Communication Platform

Taking our discoveries into account, our first step was defining a communication framework to guide future Railinc marketing efforts. The platform sought to cement Railinc’s position as the authority when it comes to North American rail logistics.

Visual Voice

To define Railinc’s visual identity, we applied color theory, typography, and iconography based on their brand’s personality and research gleaned from our market audits. A bold, fresh concept utilizing abstract lines representing data and networks, as well as dots representing growth and innovation. These elements helped support the story of Railinc and its offerings.

One of Railinc's most successful products, Carlogix maximizes profitability for railroads by automating and streamlining billing so that the focus can be on getting cars back on the rails. Railinc challenged us to update CarLogix with a new logo and tagline.

Brand Culture

With the end goal of supporting Railinc’s purpose driven culture, REVERED examined ways it could bring the company’s vision to life. Working collaboratively with Railinc leadership, created several interactive options, including office wall installations, experiential events, and commemorative rail spikes for employees.

End Result

Over the course of our partnership, we redefined the visual and communicative identity of the Railinc brand. REVERED was able to provide ideas and solutions fast, providing the tools Railinc needed to be effective in the future.