Relias Brand Mapping

Relias came to REVERED with a complex problem in need of a thoughtful solution. Business acquisitions had outpaced their branding over the previous few years, such that their family of brands lacked a cohesive strategy, overarching brand structure, hierarchy, and visual language.

Relias is a global healthcare education solution serving over 10,000 healthcare organizations and 4.5 million caregivers. It’s industry-leading solutions help provide better clinical and financial outcomes. They are able to reveal gaps in clinical knowledge and address them with personalized learning, advancement, and certifications for individuals and enterprise solutions.


Relias Brand Mapping

Relias Brand Mapping

Where We Started

We conducted extensive research into the business, industry, and competitive marketplace to formulate a solution that considered the end user. We outlined the current market and brand landscape and began planing for strategic and visual brand planning conversations.

Relias Talked, We Listened

By conducting workshops and interviews with stakeholders throughout the company, we quickly began to discover and uncover key insights that would serve as the foundation for a strategic execution.

Discovering a Key Insight

We identified recurring themes to influence a comprehensive design matrix upon which we’d base future branding, positioning, and visual identity explorations – all leading us to a unifying concept.

User-Centric Structure + Designs

A key insight and recommendation was to organize business lines by end user, resulting in four distinct brand visuals to create a singular brand ecosystem of Relias hero's (Nurses, Physicians, Allied Health professionals). To define each brand group – unique color, identity kits, and brand guides were created to provide distinct expressions within a cohesive brand family.

Once we established a clear hierarchy, we created a comprehensive brand identity to help instruct the way the brands portrayed themselves as well as a plan for implementation and future acquisitions.

Tools for the Future

To help Relias maintain a handle on their identity going forward, we developed a comprehensive brand guide and templates for commonly used documents like presentations, stationary, and future marketing efforts.